Herabrium of Empowerment


Stickerei. Eine junge Nachtkerze. Die Blätter sind im Plattstich gestickt und ranken am Boden. Staude und eine erste Blüte erheben sich als Häkelei aus dem Bild.

Encounters of humxns and plants/fungi

I have a focus on plants and am especially intrested in the „encounter“ of plant od fungus and an humxns. Encounters beeing circumstances in wich humxn and flora/fungi interact. Some plants and fungi actually influened the progress and spreading of the humxn kind leading to customs and myths growing around these plants. Even today some of the traditions are kept alive and stor keep being told. This fascinates me a lot!
We have these encounters in our everyday live too: We take walks through the park or woods. We drink tea and eat vegetables with fresh spices. We are using plants as cure or as a support to our health. We are even living in symbiosis with certain fungi. Some of these encounters are particularly striking to us. Some even introduce us to another level of freedom.

Self-empowerment within encounters

When I was traveling, I have been told exactly this kind of stories: About a Cherrytree, on wich the kids from the neighbourhood spend their time, so they would not be disturbed by adults. About Parsley helping to end an unwanted pregnancy. About  Saint-John’s-Wort helping the mind to get through the dark season. About the fights in the Hambach forest, were societal utopias are implemented.
In all of these stories the narratxrs have gained more freedom for themselves. They were able to self- empower when encountering a certain plant or fungus.
These encounters are the kind that I am collecting to turn them into a herarium of self-empowerment.

Herbarium of Self-empowerment

A herbarium is a collection of plants. Whomever has picked flowers from the meadows to dry them pressed between bookpages, has made a herarium themselve. I am just not harvesting plant, but your experiences with them.
I would love to hear or read your experience. It would be a pleasure to me, if you wrote down your encounter and sent it to me. Or we could meet up and you tell me your story over a hot cup of tea. I do not care, wich plant or fungus has had an influence on you – I care about your experience!

If you share your story within the contact form, I will save your message and e-mailadress. If you want me to, I can delete the latter right away and save your message anonymously. I will not pass your personal data to a third party.
I am going to anonymise your story and will change any data, that could make you known.

You will also help me, by telling your friends about my project!