I am passionate about creating workshops, talks an speeches, because the concerns of my artistic work and engagement set my heart on fire. I have digged deep into theese topics and it ist my pleasure to share the skills and knowledge I developed. Especialy I like giving workshops dealing with body, gender, selflove and sexuality. Wether I create them on a more theoretical or practical base, depends on the needs of those who participate. Anyhow it is important to me to include a wide variety of genders and wants.

Also I like to share crafting skills. In my artistic work I engage with the material through experimenting. Traditional crafts are a starting point from wich I develop my own techniques in uncommon materials. Skills I come up with by a trying, failing and improving I am eager to share with nosy hands. Also I can teach traditional crafts within workshops. Most important to me is a way of learning, that emphasizes the joy of creating. That means that there are no false strategies, but extraordinary ones with surprising solutions. Experiments are always welcome and if they end up different from what was wanted, they open up a space for learning.

I am willing to shape a workshop to the specific needs of the participants based on their age and experiences. It is always important to me to encourage and empower people on their individual path wich is why I want to take each participants needs into consideration. Send me an e-mail with your wants and needs for a learning space. Togehter we will figure out how I can and want to fulfill them.